Greetings from UWC Adriatic!

Autore: Iden Kalemaj (UWC Adriatic 2012-2014)

Hello everyone and greetings from UWC Adriatic in Duino, Italy!

It has been a week since I have arrived here in Duino and started a new, whole different life. It has been a busy-difficult-still amazing week for all the first years coming from all over the world. You can feel in the fresh air of Duino”s village the enthusiasm and blissfulness radiating form our young spirits. Every day you come across new names, faces, cultures and backgrounds. There is so much you can learn from everyone.

Our days are full of activities, running from one presentation to another, from one place to another. We are about to decide what subjects we want to take and therefore make some serious thinking and decision-making relating our future. But nothing to worry! Second-years, professors, tutors and our co-years are always there to help and give advises. (Yes, everyone here is really friendly) And they are always there even when you are dealing with emotional problems like homesickness or practical ones (like figuring out how to wash your clothes).

To me it is a completely different lifestyle from what I was used back home. I feel like a new world is opening in front of me and I can hardly wait for all the things I will learn, all the perspectives I will gain, all the friendships I will enjoy.

UWC Love,



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